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Unite is by far the Covenant’s largest gathering and attracts upwards of 5,000 teenagers from around the world for a week of worship, discipleship, and fun activities. Tens of thousands of Covenanters have named the gathering as among the most significant events in their lives.

Unite 2024

JULY 15 – 19, 2024
Unite East Bowling Green State University
Unite West San Diego State University

Known in the past as CHIC or “Covenant High in Christ”. The focus of the event has always been to be Christ-centered, transformational, and fun,  “The new name, Unite, allows us to continue to live out who we are as Covenanters, by joining God in God’s mission to see more disciples among more populations in a more caring and just world.”

This event is held every three years. Unite will be open to students who are 14 years old by September 1, 2024.

Country Covenant encourages and helps support our youth in attending this life changing event.

Visit the Unite website for full details