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Welcome to Country Covenant Church!

You are welcome in our community just as you are. Thank you for getting to know us via our web site.  We invite you to visit us in person so we can get to know you, too! 

God is Good!! 

Country Covenant Church has resumed in person worship. 
All health precautions are in place.  Please wear a face mask and maintain "proper" social (unsocial?) distance.

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Please join with us in "virtual worship" with Sunday's Sermon

"Clothes Make the Man"
Pastor Mark Anderson, September 5, 2021

James is asking all believers to examine their heart.
Questioning if they are making assumptions and distinctions
of others that may appear different than themselves. How one dresses,
how much money one makes, how one looks and acts.
All of these and more can lead to us classifying one another.
The truth is God not only sees everything we do and say,
he goes deeper and knows what is inside of our hearts.
God knows when and why we mistreat each other and does not approve of such behavior.
Do we?
Sermon Text ~ James 2:1-10, 14-17

Scripture Reading ~ Dan Ebert
Old Testament ~ Proverbs 22:1-2,8-9,22-23
Gospel ~ Mark 7:24-37

Music: Pianist ~ Sarah Davidsmeier